Young Gifted & Beautiful (YGB) inspires and invests in the future of black & brown kids while helping them discover and use their talent to do excellent work in prospering careers.  Their mission is donate their proceeds directly to select causes whose mission is to increase black youth STEM & Urban Environmentalists graduates and 2nd Language Adopters to become globally competitive citizens. ⁠    
youngiftedbeautiful.com        @younggiftedbeautiful
 I was responsible for generating leads, developing and strategizing brand content, increasing brand awareness, and designing various digital media content. 
Brand Discovery 
Art Direction
Brand Strategy 
Brand Design 
Digital Media Templates

When I joined YGB, they weren't established on any social platforms and had no clear direction or strategy regarding content. They were in the early stages of development and needed someone to take over their entire social media presence. 
The challenge was to work with the brand guidelines and assets that were presented to me and create a social presence that followed and elevated their brand. During my time with YGB,  I wore many hats. Not only did I design the content, but I also managed it, published it, wrote copy, and strategized. 
Social Media Graphics
Social Media Gifs:
Designed for Instagram stories, TikTok and Facebook Ads.
Social Media Strategy/Campaign
YGB was looking to target Black mothers/families with children from 5 - 10 years old, who are exposed to some form of STEM and their parents invest heavily in their child's education. 
The brand is fairly new and is still in the beginning stages so my content strategy was to create feeling a of connection to the brand and create pillars of content centered around the brand's mission. The content would provide educational advice for parents with small children with a  combination of who is YGB and what influence they want to have on the culture and black communities. 

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