I created a Stop Motion was created for 404 High Co.

404 High Co is an eclectic woman-owned CBD company based out of Atlanta that is influenced by everyday women.  404 High Co’s purpose is to give women the much needed me-time and to those who seek holistic remedies traditionally treated by manufactured medicines for stress, anxiety and other ailments.
Here is the breakdown of my process and the final results: 
At first, we were looking to show the experience of relaxation. That was the first concept. I decided to put in a sleeping mask to give off that idea. I found images to create several composites into a GIF to show the concept of the Stop Motion. 
Concept 1: 

Then we decided to just do a stop motion that showed the process of turning the hemp flower into a pre-roll and lighting it up. (no sleeping mask). Here is a little of the behind the scenes of the set up and the shooting. 
The original draft. I thought maybe we needed something with her logo in it at first (hence the jar at the end) and then later realized it was too long and the lighting/color was waaay off: 
This was straight out the camera. No edits.
After countless hours of retouching, contemplating life choices, late nights, and a little bit creativity, we have a final stop motion video (presented as gif and video below): 

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