My name is Alexus Roberts and making magic for brands is my thing. My special ability is to see or hear a vision and create it from scratch. If I had to give myself a title, I would be called your personal creative partner.  I specialize in brand design developed specifically for digital media content and establishing a brand's identity and visual design. My photography specializes in product, branding, stop-motion, and compositeswhich are so much fun to make. 

 There's only a small percentage of creative directors that are black women, and representation is very important to me. Sharing and implementing creative ideas that'll help brands grow is a huge part of my why. My overall goal is to enhance the quality of my client's brand, promote cultural representation, and influence visual expression.

 I aim to help as many small businesses and brands as I can. More specifically, I love helping women-owned brands succeed and make their digital marketing dreams come true with strategic and creative content and design that will give them the confidence and clarity they need in their brand.  
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My Process
Well, it starts with your inquiry (click here). A virtual introduction of myself and your brand, then take a deep dive into diagnosing your problem.  I start with a strategy along with a few brand discovery meetings, on to research, then a mood board, drawing out a couple of sketches, lots of mouse/camera clicking, managing expectations, getting your direction all the way through, and finishing off with a proper send-off. WALLAH! We've made your vision come to life. 
To request my resume email robertscalexus@gmail.com
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Fun Facts About Me 
I'm originally from south Florida, but I live in Atlanta, GA.
I love watching animated movies.
I listen to 90's R&B way too much.
I love collecting hand-made jewelry. 
Cornflower Blue is my favorite color.
I graduated from the University of South Florida.
My favorite quote is "Stop imagining what's going to work. Find out for real."
I love the 70s culture. The afros, the funky patterns, colors, culture, and music. 
My day hasn't started if I don't have my green matcha chai. ​​​​​​​
What I'm currently jammin' to: 
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