Inspired by the words of poet Sonia Sanchez, Stephanie birthed Where is Your Fire? The podcast. This podcast would be an
immersive auditory journey for Black people that will tap into topics that are pertinent often lost in the fabrics of history, and considered taboo. From racial challenges in the Black community, entrepreneurship, mindset, and personal power to mental health, self-love, and healing. 
Stephanie Moore also wrote Where’s Your Fire? as the perfect solution to help you combat self-limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck, confused, and living an unfulfilled life. The book covers practical advice, effective affirmations, and therapeutic journal practices.
Stephanie needed a design that fit the overall brand of "Where's Your Fire?" I created a design that would translate perfectly for both a podcast and book cover.
Art Direction
Brand Design 
Cover and Episode Art Templates
Type & Color
Social & Promotion Content 
How it started: 
During discovery, Stephanie shared with me her desire for something bold but simple. A few references were sent regarding the direction she was looking to take.

Developing Stephanie's design, I considered her audience, primarily Black women, millennials, and perhaps corporate-like herself. I also thought about the challenging topics she would tackle and how much energy that would require. The ability to hone that kind of power requires a fearless (Black) woman. There seems to be something inside that needs to ignite. What would that "fire" look like if it was possessed by a black woman? It's like having a "superpower" from within.  

First Draft

Final Result



Cover Art
Episode Templates
Book Cover
Promotion Templates

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