What if we told you there was a tech conference that didn't have the same old experience as others that have no culture, mostly white attendees, and dry chicken for lunch? Sounds too good to be true, right? Render set out to do just that. Render is an ATL-born tech conference that brings the CULTURE to the space.
The software engineering industry has a bad habit of not creating spaces where black and diverse engineers can come together to hang, find new opportunities, and engage in what the hosting city has to offer.  Render called up on HDS to handle the design experience for the 2nd annual RenderATL Conference 2022 to bring tech and culture to the heart of the trap, ATL. Let's just say things got peachy.


Creating the identity for the Render Experience required theming the conference space, swag, and voice around Trap culture. Disrupting the status quo of tech conferences meant taking risks and speaking to the core of cultured engineers.


Creative & Art Direction
Identity System
Environmental Design
Brand Guidelines
Swag Design


What's a conference without swag? The immediate focus was to create swag that was tech friendly but also speaks to the 'Tech Trap' of Atlanta. We trapped out:  
Attendee wristbands that gave access to activations

Tote bags
Drink Sleeves
Air Fresheners
Fans & more


Hank Designs led the design efforts to brand out the largest rooftop in Atlanta, Ponce City Market, for the conference kickoff party. Alongside our good friends at Indeed, we transformed the rooftop with Render branding to submerge guess into what they were going to experience for the next few days.


Graphic Language

Our graphic approach was a balance of speaking the language of ATL while upholding the integrity of tech. We created custom vinyl that displayed at the rooftop's games, entrances and signage. 


After establishing this year's identity, swag, and decking out ATL's largest rooftop, we turned our attention to the conference. We transformed ATL's own Gathering Spot into the Marta station (Atlanta's train station). We decked out the venue with Render-centric messaging, swag shop apparel, team Jerseys, display screens, and much more. 

Learn More at RenderATL.com

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