In My Head Series 
Issa Jungle 

This project was inspired by my recent therapy sessions. I started my therapy journey by simply being told that I needed it. After feeling embarrassed about it, I said, "maybe it is time." I really wanted to find a Black woman therapist that understood me, so I went to (which gives you tons of options and at an affordable price) and found my therapist on the first try! 

 I wish for more black creatives to have this experience too. I wanted to show what my anxiety looks/feels like and what goes on inside of my head. I  want these pieces to advocate the importance of therapy, especially for Black creatives. 

Feel free to scroll down for the process and watch my livestream on Adobe to see how it all came together. 


Here's how it started: 

I started out by jotting down a list of ideas and words that my therapy sessions conversations consisted of. I also sketched out what I wanted to capture and potentially composite together. 

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot:

I really tried to capture what it looks like when I'm dealing with the things inside of my head.
I tried to figure out exactly what I wanted to show and say with this specific piece. I know I wanted to show what it feels like to be inside my head. At first, I wanted to have my head surrounded by jungle and and then realized I actually want to put the jungle actually inside of head with me trying to "find my way."

Watch me create the first piece of this series on Adobe Live: 
Adobe Live Day One
Adobe Live Day Two
Final Results 
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